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"Grizz's Story A Greater Courage" written by Jo Helms. The perfect book for ANY animal lover. Don't let their battles be in vain, help us to fight back FOR THEM! For a brighter and more promising tomorrow, please purchase this book. Help us to help those who have no voice. ALMOST HALF of the price of every book sold is going towards companion animal cancer research and treatment by your purchase. Please, do it for THEM, they can win.

Click on the bookcovers above to go to the order form page. We went to press Oct. 23, 2003 and received our first books on the 28th. We sold 56 books at our first booksigning in January 2004 which was absolutely WONDERFUL and have now sold almost 1,000 copies!!! GO GRIZZ!! The comments that we have received are wonderful. This book can be ordered from this website directly from the author and is available for purchase at Fox Valley Humane Association in Appleton, WI. This book is not available in bookstores as we will not sacrifice 45-55% right off the top to put it on their shelves. Our mission is to help fund cancer research. Order forms are available at the Univ.of WI School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison(if you don't see them, ask for Tania), WI, Kaukauna Vet Clinic(Reception desk), PETCO in Appleton, The Emergency Referral Center in Grand Chute and Pet Supplies Plus(Ask for Heather K) in Appleton. This will remain a "not-for-profit" book with ALL proceeds being donated to companion animal cancer treatment and research, in loving memory of Grizz and the countless others that are battling cancer or have battled cancer.

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Book review: Grizz's Story by Jo Helms is the touching account of a courageous dog's battle with cancer. Yukon Jak, dubbed Grizz, begins his story in his own voice, as he introduces us to his human family and canine companions. But this very special Siberian husky is destined to walk a remarkable road of quiet courage and determination as he battles a cancer that takes a leg and finally his life. The human side of the battle is poignantly told by Grizz's owner, as she chronicles the decisions faced in battling this crushing disease with love, understanding and the best technological means available. Reading this impressive story is a privileged visit with a gallant dog and his indomitable and dedicated family. It is a stirring reminder to make the most of each day that we are given, the lesson dogs and especially Grizz show us so beautifully.................. ........Jean C. Keating author of Paw Prints Through The Years

The reason that I have written "Grizz's Story" is to help petowners who have come face-to-face with cancer with their beloved pets. It is unique because it is told through Grizz's eyes. It gives a different perspective. Our top priority was to give Grizz every possible chance of survival while at the same time preserving his "quality" of life. We accomplished that. Grizz truly "danced" during his life and taught us that though life may be fragile, love IS forever. This book is in his memory and in memory of ALL the brave dogs that are battling cancer and for those people who strive to find a cure. We will be donating any/all proceeds from the sale of his book to organizations whose top priority is the welfare of our furry friends and finding a cure for cancer. Please support your local animal organizations.   


Jo Helms-author of "Grizz's Story  A Greater Courage"

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We are proud to announce that The Siberian Husky Health Foundation is highly recommending this book to ALL pet owners on their web site as of July 2004!! That is quite an honor !!!! Featured on the Early Morning Show, Channel 5, WFRV, November 24, 2003. Also featured on WBAY, Channel 2, December 15th and Fox 11, on December 19th, 2003. Featured in Life & Style, in the Appleton Post Crescent newspaper on January 9, 2004. See next page for order form. A beautiful full color 6"x9" paperback book. We have shared 54 full color photos! Come share his life. Past events include: "Bark in the Park" on Saturday, June 5, at Thrivent in Appleton, WI, Mounds Pet Food Warehouse's "Pet Fest" on Sunday, June 13, in Madison, WI., Family Pet Fair and Expo, August 7, 2004 at the Brown Cty Fairgrounds in DePere, WI., Pet Supplies Plus in Appleton on September 11, 2004 for their Anniversary Sale. Siberian Husky National Specialty, Greenville, SC, Oct 14-15, 2004, Charity of the month for Sept. 04 by the Kathie Lee Gifford Org. Please, come meet us and share your stories and hugs!!

Book Review:  Recommended by The Siberian Husky Health Foundation for all dog owners!!  Go to

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We continue to work hard trying to make a true difference for them and I hope and pray that one day, we will see a cure.

Grizz's Story has been purchased and reviewed by pet owners from England and other parts of the UK, Canada, the Greater Northern Territory,Australia, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, now 45 states within the US !!  Go Grizz !!!  We are so proud of what we have been able to do in Grizz's memory.  That sweet boy will continue to live on and will continue to help those who battle this horrible disease.

  If you have EVER loved a furry companion, order this book now.  You will be helping secure a much brighter future for them.  Do it now.....Do it FOR THEM!!


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