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Welcome to "Grizz's Story" home page. The site where you can order "Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage" book written by Grizz and Jo Helms. ALL proceeds going to the "Grizz and Friends" companion animal cancer fund, a 501c3 fund at the UWSVM-Madison, WI

"Woo's..." and Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. We hope you stay awhile. Kick off your shoes and get to know us. "Grizz in shining spirit"

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Hi, my name is "Grizz" and I have a story to tell.

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year in 2012 !!  We are so very proud to announce that we have hit the $13,000.00 mark in donations to The Grizz & Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund from the sales of "Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage".  What a wonderful feeling knowing that we have truly made a difference through our sweet boy's story.  Hopefully this year we will be able to be back on the road to various events to give folks a chance to talk to us.

We have also been blessed to be recognized by the University of Wi, Veterinary School of Medicine who has allowed us to put a link on this site that anyone wanting to donate to the Grizz & Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund can use. Thank you to UWSVM, we are 100% behind you.

Our beloved Sarge has joined his life-long friend...Grizz.  Our hearts are heavy with his passing but we know that he lived a very long and happy life with us.  He would have been 15 years old this August and that is a very long life for a German Shepherd.  We miss him terribly !!  It has been a very difficult year but we hope to be back out there in 2009 crusading against cancer.  Please watch for us, for we will never give up in our fight for them.  It is just that right now, we need to give ourselves time to grieve the loss of another of our sweet furkids.  Kodi and Tundra are doing fine, thankfully but the house seems empty without Sarge. We send our love, hugs, and prayers to all of you...
Jo, Barry, Kodi, Tundra, and our Angels Grizz and Sarge from Rainbow Bridge.
Pick up the July/August issue of PETBuzz Magazine to read an interview I did with Cheryl Hentz!!
More to come!!

Please visit   This is, without a doubt, one of the BEST web sites for Siberian lovers!!  Cindy, who runs the site graced us with a beautiful article which still appears there and will remain on her site.... God love her!!  This is a beautiful site filled with fabulous information about Siberians and their accomplishments in the show ring too...  Lots of interesting interviews and articles as well as spectacular pictures !!  This site is a MUST SEE.  Please be sure to drop her an email and let her know how much you appreciate her site...



My name is Grizz(on the left). That is Sarge next to me by the pond. At 10 years old I was diagnosed with cancer when my human parents found a lump on my right rear leg and took me to see Dr. William Murphy, my friend and Veterinarian. What they found could have been the immediate end for me but instead it was a new beginning.  My book is told through my eyes by my human Mom in hopes of making a difference for all cancer dogs and their human parents.  

Jo Helms-author of "Grizz's Story  A Greater Courage" and feature writer for "The Siberian Husky Express News", an independent news and editorial site.  Winner of the 2005, Dog Writers Association of America's Writing competition/PSI First Canine Award for the best story told from a dog's viewpoint!!  The story is featured on my news site: "LOST! Tipsoo's Amazing Escape and Rescue"  See the link below..

Please visit my news site for some very interesting articles and see "What's WOO in the News".

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**We invite you to view our beautiful video presentation of Grizz and the Fund established in his memory to help all companion animals.  I have created a very special video set to two of my favorite songs.  This can be viewed at    Copyright 2004-2011  If you would like to make a donation to The Grizz & Friends Fund. Please send your donations to the Grizz & Friends Companion Animal Cancer Fund, c/o The University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, WI. 

Our deepest thanks to Corey Emerson for letting us share his song, "Grace" in this video from his CD, "Sanctuary".  The other song is called, "The Greatest Reward" and is sung by Celine Dion.  The music used is for entertainment purposes only to bring out the heartfelt feelings of love that we shared with Grizz.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy this video and that you will consider helping us to fight companion animal cancer by purchasing his book from this web site.

Thank you and God Bless you and your Fur-loves.

Hugs and wags, Jo and Grizz in shining spirit

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A special site dedicated to a very special cancer dog. Our very own 3 legged hero who taught us the true meaning of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !



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I was made aware of a wonderful web group for cancer pet owners!!  It is called Endless Love and there is a great support chain on there.  Please click on the link below to join.  As I find more of these types of groups, I will be posting their links.  Please don't ever feel alone because there are so many different types of pets with cancer but we all share the same goal and that is to preserve quality of life for our sweet companions while giving them the best chance of being a SURVIVOR.  God Bless you in your journey with this silent killer.
Jo Helms-author of Grizz's Story-A Greater Courage
Click here to join endlesslove
Click to join endlesslove

Help us take a bite out of cancer!!

We sold 56 books at our first book signing!!  There are so many of you out there that are so dedicated to their pets.  God Bless you all!  We will be keeping you up to date with where we will be.  We have had several invitations.... I will be creating a page that will catalog our adventures as they occur too.  Love Jo and "Grizz in shining spirit"

Special Notice:  The Grizz and Friends companion animal cancer fund has been selected as the charity of the month for September 2004 by the Kathie Lee Gifford Organization!!!  Go to to read about it. 

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God Bless you Teresa.  Your music is a beautiful reflection on a wonderfully talented soul.   Jo

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We have books in almost all 48 states within the continental United States and 6 foreign countries which include Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Australia and most recently SOUTH AFRICA!!! We really ARE making a difference for them. Click here to see this wonderful book.

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